Memoirs of a Great Man

Finding an alternate path to Enlightenment

21 February
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Another lost soul bumping into nebulous clouds of confusion and making reason how I may. Looking introspective and out for answers to questions that have little meaning outside of ones subjective experiences. I fight against the hate and I live the life I make. I’m honest when I want to be and a scoundrel when I choose. Indulging in the Good and the Evil in this world and all shades of in between, I am an omnivore and I find life delicious. I am a God and a Demon. I will sip the nectar of your soul and give you the highest praise. I will amaze and baffle your mind with reason that takes shape according to my will. I will hold your hand in the dark and talk of trivial things that bring comfort. I wield terror and compassion as a double-edged blade. I have fought hard just to stand my ground. I will leave my mark on you and you will know my name. You will call me good but I know I’m more than that. I’m complicated in my simplicity of being and striving for more – always more. I am content in this for now. I have set aside judgment for a time when it is needed until then come friend and let us talk of nothing at all while we stroll through this garden of the beautiful and macabre